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Renato Fenocchio, Contadino in Neive

The colour of ripe wheat, the kids’s games in the shade of the trees, the scent of hay and of the land after a storm, the hands made icy by the snow, the sound of spring water, the runs under the sun, the yellow and red leaves in the Fall; these were the sensations I felt during my boyhood on the charming hills of the Langhe.

As a man, I go on experiencing the nature with the same feelings, respecting its rhythms and its peculiarities, admiring the cyclicity of the Seasons and the different results of following vintages.

As a farmer, year after year I obtain my harvest directly from Nature itself, by adding the greater care and constancy and all my passion.
I manure and treat my plants using products from organic agricolture.

The wines and the extravirgin olive oil I produce are the result of careful and steady handwork, coming from the traditional folk wisdom with the help of modern techologies for caring the environment.

I am lucky since I do “the nicest work in the World” in a wonderful place and my aim is to do all my best for leaving it the most undamaged I can to my daughters.

Thanks to my dad’s and my uncle’s advices, to Matè’s perseverance and to Aurora and Elena for the joy they give us.

And thanks to Milva, my wife, as all we made, we did it together.




"Anche tu sei collina
E sentiero di sassi
E gioco di canneti
E conosci la vigna che
di notte tace"







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